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Cloud Data Services

Protect your Data

If you aren’t backing up your data with Benson & Associates, you’re at risk. Contact us to find out how easy and inexpensive this crucial process can be.

Benson and Associates

can implement and manage a backup plan for you, or provide you with the proper tools to do it yourself. An effective data protection strategy is crucial for your business. Studies have shown that over 50% of businesses don’t perform regular backups. Those that do often do not check to ensure the backups worked. And if you are backing up your data on-site, it’s just as vulnerable as the original data if a disaster strikes your location. Let us take the guesswork out of backups, and make sure you are protecting your most valuable business asset – your data. We offer scheduled, offsite backups stored in our data centre, which gives you one more layer of protection when your facility is threatened.

Another important element of a successful backup plan is ease of retrieval. Our backups are not only user-friendly, we can personally manage the retrieval of information to reduce your downtime, as every minute of downtime affects your bottom line.